A month or so ago, I bought a used Squeezbox 1. Couldn't get it to work very well via wireless network. Thought about selling it a couple of times, but decided to stick with it. I ended up running an ethernet cable from my computer room to my stereo room. After a LOT of messing around, I finally got it working.

Wow! The future of audio is here. I have it running via digital/out to my Behringer DEQ/DAC. As for the sound? I'm not ready to say it's as good as my Sony/TRL 900, but it's VERY good. With the convienence of iTunes playlists and about 2500 songs at my fingertips, I'm sold. Now I want to buy a more for every room in the house.
Ecruz, I believe we have traded posts before. I may be selling my wired SB1 just to go wireless SB3. I have an ad on AudioCircle if you are interested.
Agree that this is very nice, and I am using the Behringer also.