squeezbox Duet distortion


I just hooked up my Duet and with most songs I have horrendous distortion at moderate listening levels. It is especially bad in the Live Archives but is present on all stations. I have the Duet going into a Monarchy DIP to a DAC and there is so much crackling and popping it verges on unlistenable.

Could someone please tell me how to fix this. I'm hoping and praying there is one.


Try running it straight into the DAC without the Monarchy.
Is the problem only with internet radio or does it also happen when you play stored files from your computer?

Have you tried using the Duet's analog outputs (without using the external DAC)?

Does the external DAC work OK with other sources?

If everything works fine separately, then I'd take a good look at the interconnect between the Duet and DAC.

The Slimdevices forum is also a great source of info since it is obviously focused on their products. Check it out at http://forums.slimdevices.com
I fixed it. It was the amp. It did it using the analog jacks also. I reconnected everything and it started working right. I guess it has to be connected in a certain sequence or certain components must be turned off.