Squeaking/Paper Crinkling Noise Coming from Lamm LL2.1

Can someone suggest what the problem may be? Hearing noises in quiet passages and with no source playing through my Lamm LL2.1. 

Noises are equal in both channels. I've swapped out all the tubes. Replaced the cables. Still happening. Doesn't change with volume level. 

Ugh. Lamm is so bad with repairs. 


Call Signature Sound he’s a very nice guy and is open minded to all gear. I asked if I had a problem with my Audio Hungary integrated amp would he look at it and said he would if it needed to be fixed. He is very knowledgeable, can’t hurt to call. There was no repair center in USA and amp would need to be sent back to Hungary and shipping was insane. There located in New York state. 

I had a similar problem once with a tube preamp. Static-like noise. Put in backup tubes, still noise. Had to ship preamp back across country to the builder. Problem was with a small inexpensive capacitor. Quickly fixed. Prior to this I already had a backup preamp (and amp, speakers and cartridge). Gotta have those backup components! Also, I recorded the static with the phone up against the speaker and played it over a call to the builder prior to sending the preamp. It helped trouble shoot the issue before I even shipped it per the builder.

Follow up:

The sound was caused by a Raspberry Pi streamer that was nearby. It caused the sound when it wasn’t even connected to the Lamm. Selling that streamer right now.