SQ vs. Music

What percentage of the time do you you listen to your set JUST for the SQ and what percentage do you listen to your set JUST for the music? 
I know the obvious answer is you do both, but can you honestly answer the question?
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rv piano -- I might be the only one here who thinks this way but, for me, I don't primarily listen to Mahler because his stuff has the potential of being an audio spectacular. Instead, I listen to Mahler for the tunes, the emotions and the worlds he creates. For me, more than any other composer, Mahler conjures up universes that I find myself living inside of. Universes that I can reach out and touch. I remember putting on a Mahler LP for a makeout session with a girlfriend. It was sometime in the 1970's.  She'd never heard of Mahler and, of course, had never heard his music. She said the same thing. Yeah, I really liked that girl...

I’m 1000% in agreement with you.
As Mahler himself said, his symphonies are “worlds” in themselves.
Mahler can move me like almost no one.
It’s just that he, sensually, creates worlds of his own as well.
My current setup gives me 100 percent music choice for what I want to listen to.
No time or interest for listening to low quality recordings. Alright, maybe some Ziggy Stardust once in a while.... 
After suffering the slings and arrows of relatives’ braying about how I’m just "listening to the equipment" I began to catalogue all of the things that I listen to besides the music and equipment: noise; vinyl quality; vocal quality and timbre; acoustic instrument resonance even to the extent of trying to identify the piano by its sound; sound of the hall; effectiveness of the mic setup; conductor’s control and interpretation; my room’s acoustics; there must be many more. If all of the above perform optimally you’ve got some "SOUND" to evaluate, whether it’s music or equipment. You could run it through an old NAD integrated with a pair of almost any modern speakers or phones and you’ve got excellent sound!