SQ vs. Music

What percentage of the time do you you listen to your set JUST for the SQ and what percentage do you listen to your set JUST for the music? 
I know the obvious answer is you do both, but can you honestly answer the question?
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The two are not really separable.  When I listen, I put on some music that I want to hear.  Often while listening I'll think, "that album sounds really good" or, "that album wasn't recorded very well" or, "they compressed the hell out of that one."

I even make note of certain aspects of the music.  How does the bass sound?  Do the vocals sound natural, etc?  But that happens while I'm listening to the music.

I have some test CDs but I can't remember the last time I got them out.  When I have it's usually to measure the bass at various frequencies with an spl meter on my phone.

I don't have a set of demonstration CDs that highlight certain aspects of the sound that I play to hear how good they sound.  I guess you'd say that I notice when an album sounds good or bad frequently, but I don't listen for that specific purpose very often.