SQ Touch and Bolder Cable Mods

I just had Bolder Cable upgrade (Mod) my Sqeezebox Touch and I also purchased the Bolder standard Linear Power Supply.

Wow ! This made a huge improvement !
The stock Touch was good but these upgrades take it to another level.

The Soundstage is huge along with a very tight and deep bass. I believe my Squeezebox Touch now equals my Cary 306 Pro in sound quality.

I am using the digital out.
I've got an SB3 with the Bolder digital mods, Bybee filters and the older Ultimate power supply. It outperforms any cd player that I've owned. And you can't beat the convenience, especially when I use my iPhone as a remote.
Same here. My modded SB2, with ultimate nirvana power supply, outperforms any CD player I've ever owned.
I also have the Nitro DC Cable. The power supply really changes the quality of the music big time. With bigger slam and dynamics.
Hard to believe I am listening to Computer Audio.