SQ : Anthem receiver vs. processor

Hi everyone,
I’m on a quest to simplify my life and get rid of my separates. In terms of a range of options, I’m probably settling on Anthem. My choices are:

  • MXR 720 - 7 Channel receiver ($2,500) and use external amps for L and R
  • AVM 60 a pure processor ($3k)
  • Classe SSP used (~ $3k)

I’m wondering if any of you have direct experience comparing the sound quality of each? I have an external DAC I’ll be using for music sources.

The processor total cost of ownership is significantly higher, not to mention space and wiring required.
I went to Brooks Berdan in Monrovia. A great store, with the repair center in the middle and opwn to view. Highly recommended!

But they only had one Anthem AV receiver and it was not hooked up.

Le sigh
My work situation just radically changed. I'm going to have to put off any kilobuck buys off till next year. :(

Sorry to hear about your work situation. I just wanted to throw out there that if you are using a 2.1 setup for music, keep that subwoofer connection in mind. If it's connected to the receiver you end up buying, it won't be part of your stereo setup should you run the DAC into a separate stereo amp.