Springfield, MO

I have recently moved to the Springfield, MO area and I am interested in helping to form an audiophile club in the area.

I am also looking for DIYers in the Area.

Please let me know if you interested in being a member of an audio club or interested in meeting other DIYers in the area.

I look forward to hearing from others.
I have lived here for 3 years and I know this is a late response as I have just found this forum. I would be interested in joining an audio club but I am not sure how many people we could get to enter it seeing that springfield mo does not seem to be an audiophile area
I sent out an original request 3 years ago. If there is any interest in an audio club in Springfield area please let me know. CBMAN
I just moved an audio cable manufacturing and importing business to  Springfield, MO. I am interested