Spring cleaning / audio sales

Audio Advisor is trying to clear out their cable and headphone / headphone amp inventory. As such, they are currently offering 20% off all prices on such items in their current catalogue. That is, if you have the proper "coupon code". Just to make sure those of you that are interested don't miss this opportunity, here ya go : )

The code for cable purchases is:


The code for headphone / headphone amps is:


Personally, i just snagged two "budget" digital cables to play around with. Audioquest just came out with two new digital cables ( VSD-1 @ $35 and VSD-2 @ $85 for one meter ). Both cables make use of solid center conductors with silver plated long grain copper in teflon insulation. The VSD-1 uses a copper braid shield, making it a silver / copper hybrid. The VSD-2 uses a silver plated long grain copper shield, making it basically all silver ( as far as surface is concerned ).

While both seem very reasonably priced to begin with ( compared to other "wire bandits" ), getting 20% off additional made me want to try the VSD-1 just to see how good a "REALLY cheap" cable could be. I'm also interested to see how a copper / silver based cable works in one of my digital systems.

The other cable that i went for is a Monster M1000D. This is also a solid core silver plated copper conductor. It makes use of two layers of shield, one being foil and the other being a silver plated copper braid ( according to what i was told ). While this cable normally sold for $100, they currently have it on sale at $54 for one meter. Knock off another 20% on top of this and it is definitely worth a try.

While i figured that i would pass this info on, i'm curious as to know if any other dealers are running "spring specials" on entire lines or product categories ? After all, we should all try to do our part to help the economy back onto its' feet : ) Sean


I've seen two good deals this spring.

Upscale Audio has "Opened once" B&K AVR-202's ($2850 orig. list) for $999. I bought one for HT use!

My local dealer (and others) has the Acoustic Energy Aegis One speakers on closeout for $199 ($299 orig. list). This is a nice entry level speaker at that price.


I need to correct an error in my original post. While i was told by the salesman at AA that the Monster M1000 was an all silver cable, it is actually a silver center conductor with a foil and copper shield. Like the AQ VSD-1, it is a "hybrid" design. Only difference that i can tell is that while the Monster has an extra shield, the AQ uses a teflon insulator. As such, the cheap AQ cable looks like an even better buy at $28 with the discount. Sean
Cool, thanks Sean!
Thanks Sean: Those Audio Advisor codes are always handy. They had one a while back that was suppose to be 10% on things in a special catalog only, but actually worked for any online purchase as well.
Good info,always welcome to save a few bucks here and there,thanks!
Keep in mind that the 20% off is good ONLY on cables and headphones / headphone amps in their regular catalogue. It is not good on the items listed on their site under close-outs or hot deals, etc... The sale is on until 5/13/02. Sean
Sean: I think you will discover those coupon codes work online as well.