Spraying the platter

I have a TT with acrylic platter, I was wondering if I spray the platter with a color that I like would that change the sound?
I'm sure all will concur here, not a very good idea at all. I can understand aesthetics-cosmetics, and a table "looking" nice, as most of us want our rigs to bear a personal reflection of us, just like many like personalizing thier vehicles.

Firstly, I'd be worried about the paint reacting with the Platter material, and just as important, reacting with the Vinyl you place on it. As for sound, the bottom line is what are you trying to achieve?

The paint can, and will in time scratch-mar-chip.

If you want to change the sound on the cheap, try some Platter Mats, the Herbie's Mats comes to mind as a good one to try.

Or, how about something like the McIntosh Table, placing a few blue LED's under the Platter?
I would look at resale value later on down the road should you decide to sell it.
No! But definitely, it will change the color of the platter unless you are using "Natural" or "Clear".

I hope you do not mind but may I ask why you want to change the color of the platter? I am curious!
Markd51, I'm not trying to achieve anything as far as sound is concerned, it's purely for cosmetic purposes. I normally listen to my music in total darkness, I thought it would be cool to spray some invisible UV paint on the platter so that it will shine under blacklight, but then I'm worried that it will spoiled the sound.

Thanks for the LED light suggestion, I took a look at MCintosh TT, I don't know how they do it. When I look at my TT, the spacing between the platter and the plinth is too small to accommodate any LED.

if you want to add some cool effect, what about placing some EL wire on the plynth, all around the platter? Take a look:
It's used a lot in pc modding, so it would be easy to find it in many variants and colours. Hope that helps.
Spray away dude. Once upon a time, the hobby was fun, and people built kits and expressed themselves in the the aestetics and sonics of the final product. That fun evaporated as the prices for most of this junk started to run into four, five, and now six, figures and we got.....well old, old, old. Old people like to tell you that fun is no good for you. Heck, just to buy a can of that spray paint you are going to have to go behind a locked cage at the hardware store and show them your liscense like you are some crazed huffer out to undermine the neatly manicured lawns in the orderly society. Don't believe it for a New York minute; it won't change the sound, but it may make you smile.
Go ahead and spray it, those who worry that it will change the sound suffer from Audiophilia Nervosa. I *would* recommend that you use a platter mat to keep the records from making direct contact with the paint. Go for it - it'll look great!!

If transparent acrylic, perhaps paint the underside? No contact with LP then. Or do like they said, colored LEDS or lights. Then it can be changed according to mood!
Once you have installed the lights you can have it lowered and get some rims.
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