Spray or brush on material for inside sheet metal?

I just purchased a very nice early 90's 4/dac Technics CDP (SLP-50S) which sounds very nice but I would like to add a damping substance to the inside of the very thin sheet metal cover. Is there something out there which will adhere to the metal (add weight/isolation) and possibly improve the sonics? I've never even thought of doing this to other cdp's, but this one has so much potential for improvement I'd thought I'd ask for your opinions. (BTW, changed the stock ac chord (20-24ga.)w/
a Radio Shack 18ga. ac chord ($2.99) and the difference was noticeable.) Thanks, Bill
These damping sheets from PE will accomplish what you are looking for in a very economical manner. They are more effective than using the "spray on" rubberized damping compound that you can find in some car audio and / or automotive supply houses. Sean
Buy some Dynamat Extreme from your local car audio shop. Apply it to the cover, and anything else inside that seems flimsy or rattles. You can also use rope caulk (window putty) to damp any small components that rattle or resonate.
Just out of curiosity, why are you wanting to dampen the inside of the chasis instead of doing it from the outside? Have you tried mass loading the the top with something like a Bright Star Audio Little Rock? I use a Bright Star Little Rock 2 on top of my CDP, it weighs about 27-28 pounds. I ran across a post on time where a guy took a cigar box and filled it with pennies and used that to mass load his CDP. I was just wondering if you have tried anything like this yet. If you want to do the inside, check out a company called Cascade Engineering, I've seen some of their products used in cars. They might have something that will do what you want.

BTW, if you want to try a really great power cable, try one by Virtual Image. You can read some of my posts about V.I.'s cables here on Audiogon.
Thanks for your responses! I have limited rack space and have a tape deck sitting on top. All this talk about controlling resonances had me curious to see if something for very little $ could improve the performance of this fine sounding CDP. Next I wouldn't mind changing the stock feet with something like Herbie's Audio Lab footers or ?
Music Direct offers a product manufactored by 3M. It is a constraint layer damping sheet, that is made up of a 10 mil stainless steel sheet, backed with an exclusive 5 mil proprietry 3M viscoelastic damping compound.

This damping compound dissapates vibrations by a sheering action (claimed to be superior in effect) rather than converting the vibration to heat as most elastomers do.

The 10 mil stainless steel sheets will increase the rigidity of the the CD top cover and will reduce the mechanical resonance that can impede the performance of your equipment.

I looked at the Music Direct on line catalog, but it wasn't listed, so you may have to call them. 800-449-8333. It is listed in thier Mail order catalog, 4" by 6" sheet runs $9.99 plus shipping.

HTH Dave
The "cheap tweak crew" over at AudioAsylum are using cheap peel-n-stick floor tile available at Home Depot. I think it would cost you about 2-3 bucks to give it a try.

They are also using "rope caulk" from HD to dampen the transport mech and other internal components.

Check out some of the Toshiba 3950 tweak post at AudioAsylum for details.

I have not used the floor tile (or any other internal device), so I'm only passing on second hand information.....


I put a set of Tenderfeet from Herbie's Audio Labs under my preamp and the effect was nothing short of amazing, so much so that I figured I had to be hallucinating! Much more detail & clarity, greatly enlarged soundstage, more stable placement, deeper bass, sparkling highs. Fortunately, just as I had almost convinced myself that this had to be a placebo effect my long-suffering significant other walked in and remarked along the same lines (actually, she said that the sound was clearer & you could hear all the sounds seperately).