Spray Adhesive advice to repair speaker grills???

I recently bought some spray adhesive to repair some speaker grills - to reattach the cloth firmly to the plastic frame around which the grill cloth goes. It is a small pair of bookshelf speakers & 1/2 to 2/3 of the grill cloth is in tact and the rest is loose...

I took the grills to a furniture reupolsterer and he recommended masking off the grills and using the spray adhesive...

Does anyone have any experiences using spray adhesive in a similar application? And what do you recommend?

I was thinking rather than spending a lot of time masking off things (which is extremely difficult to do in this situation), I wonder if I could spray the adhesive onto a glass surface and put it on the plastic grill surround with some kind of brush or other applicator? That would make it much neater and easier to do.

I look forward to hearing your comments and experiences with this stuff. Thank you.
I just recently re did my grills. As suggested by an A'goner I used a hot melt glue gun. Worked great...
I've redone several grills and have always used a hot glue gun too. It does indeed work very well.
It does sound like a messy situation. I don't blame you for posting. The glue gun sounds like a much better solution to me, as well. Depending on what you have, staples might work for you. Also, you can get some small C-Clamps at Home Depot very cheap to hold everything in place. That should make it much easier to fix no matter what method you choose.
Thanks for your help, the hot glue gun sound way easier too....and I think I have one at home too :)