Spotify vs other streaming services

I stream through Spotify because I like it’s nearly comprehensive classical catalog. Also, it’s cheaper than the others. 
I can also access Tidal if I want to pay for it. 
My DAC doesn’t handle hi-res formats.
 My question is, am I getting the best non hi-res sound quality with Spotify?
Or is Tidal or anyone else better.

If you are a music lover then Spotify, if you are a sound lover then Tidal.  If you are both then both.  It's true Spotify blows the doors off Tidal for content and ease and enjoyment of use.  I use Spotify for casual listening and when I want to sit down and really enjoy some listening time I switch to Tidal and hope they have what I feel like listening to. 
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Just to share my experience :) The other day I found out about an amazing tool musconv. U can easily transfer all of your playlists from one streaming device to another. It is really simple and convenient to use :) cheers guys.
To compare with Spotify and other streaming services , to be honest, Spotify will be my first choice forever. Since now we can use simple Spotify  Music Converter to download and play Spotify offline without hampering the quality. You can play it on any device without a premium account.
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