Spotify's HiFi tier could finally be about to launch

I'll believe it when I hear it!  I enjoy their software/interface so I am hoping this rumor is true.


+1. They've been teasing the hi rez tier for five years, and I've hung with them just because I'm hooked on their UI. I really wish they'd stop screwing around...if they don't get the damn thing out within the next five years I'll quit.

The competition from Apple Music and Amazon messed them up. But like @loomisjohnson mentioned - none of the other providers can match their interface OR Connect. IF AM and Amazon were purely streaming based, then they could not afford what Spotify is doing. Moving to FLAC means a lot more server space and royalties. I really don't mind paying $19 for Spotify HiFi. At least the quality would be better and more royalties to the artists (that's the hope). Some music that I absolutely love - I end up buying on CD/downloads.