Spotify Premium vs Tidal ... opinions?

50's,60,s be-bop jazz, movie themes, vocals, old rock (Cream, Doors, King Crimson)...(newer rock AC DC, Led Zeppelin)

amps... Quicksilver 90 Watt Silver monos, Quicksilver LS preamp

speakers... Fritz prototype stand mounts, ScanSpeak 5" Illuminator mid/bass & ScanSpeak 9700 tweeters, Skylan stands... 12x15 room

dac... Musical Fidelity M1 A

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Given the music genres you are interested in there are not a lot of high-quality recordings.  That is not a slight on the Op at all it just means that Spotify would probably be sufficient.  That said, Spotify is good, Tidal is better and Qobuz is the best for SQ imo.  I use them all.  The only time I use Tidal is if an artist is not available on Qobuz and that is rare.  If I am outside I always use Spotify because SQ does not matter in that instance.