Spotify Premium vs Tidal ... opinions?

50's,60,s be-bop jazz, movie themes, vocals, old rock (Cream, Doors, King Crimson)...(newer rock AC DC, Led Zeppelin)

amps... Quicksilver 90 Watt Silver monos, Quicksilver LS preamp

speakers... Fritz prototype stand mounts, ScanSpeak 5" Illuminator mid/bass & ScanSpeak 9700 tweeters, Skylan stands... 12x15 room

dac... Musical Fidelity M1 A

I like listening to streaming music because it is easy and I love the variety. I can change my mind every two minutes and quickly find different music to listen to. Of course, listening to music stored on my hard drive offers the very best quality. However, the flexibility of Tidal is a big plus for me.

I agree with Arh above that Spotify gives you more music selections and that Tidal gives you much better sound quality. Tidal music selections are improving but additional albums need to be added. There is a very slight delay when starting music on Tidal and another slight delay from song to song. This is not a problem for me since the sound quality is very good.

Tidal also offers various play lists you can select or you select your own album. Another advantage with Tidal is that you can select an album and then page down to see additional albums by that artist.

You need to decide if the Tidal $20 per month charge is worth it. I feel the Tidal sound quality is well worth the $20. I suggest you give Tidal a try for one month and then decide.
I was using Spotify premium for a very long time but once I tried Tidal premium I immediately switched to Tidal because the sound quality is so good. For me, the quality difference has resulted in me listening to a lot more music - I look forward to settling into a listening session on my system so much more now - it's addictive.
Doing a free trial right now of tidal. The difference in sound is dramatic between spotify and Tidal. 20 bucks a month is way to high so I will not continue after the trial. Eventually more sights will stream higher bit rate at lower costs and I will be all over it.
tried spotify and tidal. still prefer pandora
I prefer black and white over 1080P. Looks awesme on my 19 inch magnavox.