Spotify premium on pc; high res selection help

Can 't figure out how to select the higher res rate on my brothers pc as spotify premium has a totally different interface on his pc than my iphone. I can't find any "settings" or "preferences" menu. I also can't find the option to download tracks for availability for offline listening. Any help is greatly appreciated!!
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I was under the impression that the bitrate was not selectable on Spotify Premium but that if you have Spotify Premium on your PC you will get their highest bitrate available. Usually this would be 320kbps.
Also consider MOG if he will only be using it on a PC as it is only $4.99 per month with the higher bitrate as opposed to Spotify Premium at 9.99.
Isn't mog 320kbps, just like spotify premium?
The reason I ask how to select sound quality on a pc is because you can pick normal, high or extreme on both mac and i phone. I assume they give you an option because if the internet is running slow you can pick a lower res. in order to stream without interruptions.

I don'g think he's got "extreme" selected because I can't hear a difference between pandora one (192 kbps) and spotify premium on his pc but I can sefinately hear a difference between the two on my rig.
I think it will depends on your connection, it auto adjust:!/article/What-bitrate-does-Spotify-use-for-streaming
MOG vs. Spotify comparison seems to favor MOG in overall Sound Quality.
[]/Gadget Review MOG vs. Spotify
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Spotify is in 160kbps bit rate, this is not as high as the premium subscription 320kbps. And it is still lower than lossless 1411. If you’d like to find out how to reset spotify bitrate, you can use the DRmare spotify audio converter.You can change the bit rate as well as customize the output format and so on.