Spotify or Pandora

A relative pointed out two music download websites: Spotify and Pandora. I don't know anything about music downloads. But I was hoping to stream hi-rez original artist oldies. I tried one selection on Spotify and it sounded like MP3 quality and didn't seem like original artists were singing.

Please advise. I would love to stream in hi-rez oldies from the 50s and 60s, but don't know if Spotify or Pandora are good sources.


Neither are hi-rez. Spotify is 320K Ogg-Vorbis and Pandora is 192K if you pay for premium, 128K if you don't. I find Spotify just fine for exploring new music but I can tell the difference on well-recorded selections that I am familiar with. I wouldn't decide based on one selection though. Find something that YOU know and is well-recorded and try that.

Tidal supposedly streams in CD-quality but, with the recent controversy after Jay Z bought them out, I'm waiting to see how it all shakes out.

Sound quality on Tidal is much better than Spotify or Pandora. Tidal offers 1411 bps for $20/month and lesser quality for less money. I read they are working with Meridian to offer HiRez later this year...
I second Tidal I had Spotify and was unhappy with the sound quality, Tidal made a night and day difference. Pandora I just use occasionally for background music not serious listening.
Thanks guys. So what's the best way to stream it from WIFI into my system? I have a PC and also my DEQX PreMATE has a DAC function.

JL35 .. what is the significance of 1411 bps?? Does it relate to CD resolution, e.g., 16 bit/44.1 kHZ?
supposedly 1411 is what redbook CD is, contrasted to the 320 and 192 of
Spotify and Pandora. Though I also enjoy both of those, I much prefer Tidal
on main system.
what is the significance of 1411 bps??

CD resolution is:
44,100 samples per second x 16 bits x 2 channels = 1,411,200 or 1411 Kb per second.
Bif- To get "redbook" quality stream from Tidal you need to run Google Chrome on your pc and then from Chrome go to Tidal's site and register/pay. interface, search function and library are not as good as Pandora but the SQ is better.
thanks. Good tips.
btw, do I have to use Google Chrome? Seems like when I do, I get more pop ups.
I think that the web-based player only provides redbook quality data stream when used with Chrome.
There is more to this that just the sound quality. Pandora's real strength is its algorithms for picking tracks for it's stations. That it what is was designed to do and many people feel it is the best out there at that. Spotify can have better sound quality seems to be better if you are mostly looking to play whole albums or one particular artist. No experience with Tidal but my impression is that it was more for albums than mixing a la Pandora, but I could be wrong.
Two questions. Is there a way to download music from streaming service to hard disc? Does Tidal stream its highest SQ just running the Tidal app on IPad?
I had great sound running Tidal through iPod touch. I read that you cannot download from any of the three sites.
Think about it, if you could download the music you'd just sign up for a month once year and binge-download. I-tunes is a download service where you pay for each download, Spotify, Pandora and, Tidal are streaming services where you pay for access to content on a monthly basis. You are basically "renting" and get no equity or ability to keep the content.

I've never used Spotify but I agree that Pandora is much better as a radio-like service to just turn on and listen to. I think the SQ of their pay per month service is quite acceptable and I use it pretty regularly.
Love Pandora's easy and logical interface and "good enough" sound. Spotify? Perhaps the worst interface I've ever encountered. Just my 2Cents worth.
Fortunately, you can try them all for free...
You can create playlists with Spotify that reside on your hard drive...leastways,
you don't have to be logged into the 'net or Spotify to play them. You do have to
log in to Spotify at least 1x/month to keep them "active", otherwise
they expire after 30 days. Used this to provide music during breaks in a training
seminar I coordinated...did not have access to the 'net due to a corporate firewall
but could play my Spotify playlists just the same. Playlists can be full albums if
you want. On the other hand and as you might expect, it does not appear
possible to burn such playlists to a CD.
Interesting, Ghosthouse. So it seems the spotify "playlist" has some kind of DRM that expires in a month, requiring you to maintain your monthly subscription to access them. Seems like a very interesting "hybrid" between the itunes model and the streaming model. Too bad the UI seems to suck! We can only hope that as bandwidth increases over time, it won't make any sense to use lossy compression algorithms to send digital files over the 'net.
Been reading the posts. It seems like Tidal streams material with a SQ closest to redbook CD. Is that the consensus view.
Swampwalker - I'm hoping the folks that run Spotify, being aware of the competition, will up their game as a result. I'd be willing to bet they didn't miss Tidal asking $20/mo vs their $10. The buzz around Hi Rez downloads and Tidal SQ might give them incentive to improve...and as you say, with the cost of tech coming down....

Your comment (and other's) about the interface surprised me. I'm not the most tech savvy person but found Spotify pretty easy to navigate. The Browse/Discover option has introduced me to a ton of new musicians and music...much of it stuff that is way off the beaten commercial track. I have over 400 "saved" albums and most of these are not duplicated in my CD/vinyl collection (yet). But - to each his own.
Tidal sound quality is equal to CD and far superior to Spotify
yep - Tidal is the real deal, if you have real internet access.
Pamdora does not allow you to pick a song and listen to it. You pick a song, it will create a playlist based on the dna of your choice and then maybe if you are lucky within the first 10 songs it decides to play, you might hear the actual song you chose.

Spotify premium allows you to choose and listen to any music you want any time. There is an enormous base of community built playlists to listen to. The downfall is that it pales in comparison to pandora in the context of being able to automatically set up playlists based on a single recommendation.

They are both very different services. I think both sound good, spotify 320kbps is damn close to tidal lossless in my opinion.