Spotify navigation?

I would very much appreciate some advice. I have tidal and roon, and it is terrific of course. I am wanting to add spotify to the musical arsenal to add to music availability. Thing is, my beloved roon as we know doesn't work with spotify.

I know there isn't any navigation that quite measures up to roon, but what is the best...closest to roon...navigation software for spotify? I would sure miss roon if there wasn't anything out there that had something akin to roon to offer. Thank you very much
Bluesound would be my first choice. 
But, be aware Spotify streams as lower resolution than Tidal.
I really like the Spotify catalog and Discover tab, but have ended up using Quobuz as it has high resolution and a better catalog than Tidal.
The depth of Spotify catalog is impressive, but do you really need more than one streaming service?  Well, it’s your dime.
I have a Lumin D1 streamer. Forgot to mention that. As far as I know, Quobuz is not offered on Lumin...spotify and tidal. I am thinking about spotify to fill in the album gaps that tidal has.
Sorry, Lumin D1 streamer and apple ipad for navigating streamer