Spotify HiFi worth signing up for?

So...Spotify will introduce a lossless service called Spotify HiFI.   I haven’t seen much else other than it will be CD quality.  No availability date or cost structure yet, nor whether the HiFi service will have the same catalog as the regular service.  Since I am a happy Qobuz Hi-Res listener, I am debating whether it is worth it to subscribe.  Anyone have thoughts or further information about Spotify HiFi?
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This whole "when is Spotify going to offer Lossless CD quality" drama has been going on since their last beta test in 2017.  Members persist. 

The spotify community forum rumor mill says they will finally offer lossless "sometime late this year".  Who knows, almost too late.   Meanwhile they've been asleep at the wheel. Amazon HD, UltraHD continues pull more new customers in, along with Qobuz. That new native Amazon GUI interface is advancing and getting updated monthly now, inching closer to Spotify each month now. Playlists, Learning capability, MyMusic list learns more now. Less cost with Prime membership too.  
My only opinion is wait until it happens.
Free trials (when available) then decide, that’s my plan. 
I already have Spotify, along with Qobuz, Tidal, and Pandora. 

Spotify has the best AI based playlists based on my listening habits, so I can always count on the My Mix and Discover Weekly to deliver music I enjoy without having to spend a lot of time looking for what I want. 

The lack of hi-res has not been an issue because I listen to it most often in my car through my phone's connection to my stereo.  Having hi-res content available will be a bonus and I'll probably listen to it at home more often when that becomes available.