Spotify HiFi CD Quality

Any thoughts on if it is going to be worth a look?
I am on Qobuz... can't seem to move to Tidal or add to my monthly drain.
Discontinued my Amazon HD as it isn't supported by Roon.

Discontinued my Amazon HD as it isn’t supported by Roon.
Spotify HiFi won’t be supported either. Roon would love to integrate with Amazon Music, Spotify and Apple Music, but these services do not allow it. They want to control the user experience, track user action, promote their exclusives, and integrate with their larger ecosystem. Roon does not fit with their business model.
I have both Spotify and Amazon HD. Spotify won't play above CD quality. I love the resolution on some of the Amazon HD tracks, and their HD catalog is getting pretty good. I will probably cancel Spotify at some point.
I am using Tidal/Roon, and cancelled my Amazon HD account when it stopped working with my Chromecast puck, which was my streaming device (plugged into my DAC/preamp via Toslink).

Amazon and the others are control freaks... Amazon won't allow integration into any mfr's devices unless they are Alexa-capable, I read.

God bless Roon with Tidal and Qobuz.