Spotify HiFi

Looks like it may actually happen this time. Curious to know what the final monthly will be for this tier?
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Cool but not curious. That's for the marketers who are trying to set it.
Huge!  Been waiting for this for many years.  Spotify Connect means I don't have to pay for  Roon just to have remote control of Tidal and the interface, catalog, playlists, and social aspect are tops IMO.
TBD.  Amazon has HD too, it’s just not very good so we’ll see...
A cd-quality tier....big deal!!! Unless they offer hi-res, it’s a no go for me. I’m a very happy Qobuz user. 
Spotify offers nothing (for myself) that I don't already have with Tidal or Qobuz. 
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I too am a happy Qobuz subscriber.  
But Connect with most everything, a bigger library and better radio than Pandora is a consideration.
"HiRez" not so much. See the AIX challenge.
I will certainly check the Spotify HiFi quality. If they are comparable to Tidal HiFi, then - if Tidal does not allow me to control my laptop with their "connect" feature, I will move to Spotify hifi.Tidal sounds phenomenal compared to the current Spotify premium. Not very thrilled to control Tidal on the laptop using mConnect HD app (paid version).
I've tried Qobuz, Spotify, Deezer and Tidal.  Of the four, Spotify had the inferior sound quality but by far, by far has the best curating algorithms.
I consistently found more music I wanted to hear with Spotify than any of the others. 

I'm all the way in.
That is how it typically works in my experience. Apple Music and Spotify have vastly superior algorithms for picking out new content that you may enjoy or dialing in a weekly playlist that caters to your personal tastes. I would never give up using one of them because for me the content is more important, if I have to choose, than the quality. Not interested in listening to hi-res music I don’t care about. But I also wouldn’t give up Qobuz without a fight because it definitely sounds the best and, surprisingly, it has a lot more of the contemporary music that I listen to than I ever expected.  Spotify in CD quality is a win for sure.