Spotify HiFi

Looks like it may actually happen this time. Curious to know what the final monthly will be for this tier?
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Huge!  Been waiting for this for many years.  Spotify Connect means I don't have to pay for  Roon just to have remote control of Tidal and the interface, catalog, playlists, and social aspect are tops IMO.
A cd-quality tier....big deal!!! Unless they offer hi-res, it’s a no go for me. I’m a very happy Qobuz user. 
Spotify offers nothing (for myself) that I don't already have with Tidal or Qobuz. 
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I too am a happy Qobuz subscriber.  
But Connect with most everything, a bigger library and better radio than Pandora is a consideration.
"HiRez" not so much. See the AIX challenge.
I will certainly check the Spotify HiFi quality. If they are comparable to Tidal HiFi, then - if Tidal does not allow me to control my laptop with their "connect" feature, I will move to Spotify hifi.Tidal sounds phenomenal compared to the current Spotify premium. Not very thrilled to control Tidal on the laptop using mConnect HD app (paid version).
I've tried Qobuz, Spotify, Deezer and Tidal.  Of the four, Spotify had the inferior sound quality but by far, by far has the best curating algorithms.
I consistently found more music I wanted to hear with Spotify than any of the others. 

I'm all the way in.
That is how it typically works in my experience. Apple Music and Spotify have vastly superior algorithms for picking out new content that you may enjoy or dialing in a weekly playlist that caters to your personal tastes. I would never give up using one of them because for me the content is more important, if I have to choose, than the quality. Not interested in listening to hi-res music I don’t care about. But I also wouldn’t give up Qobuz without a fight because it definitely sounds the best and, surprisingly, it has a lot more of the contemporary music that I listen to than I ever expected.  Spotify in CD quality is a win for sure.
Totally agree with the comments of Spotify having the superior curating algorithms from my experience with all of the streaming services - Amazon included. Per my spouse, Apple’s algorithms are also up there with Spotify’s.

Also agree with the comment directly above that content is hugely important. The majority of my time is discovering music in comparison to critically listening. “Music first” is probably an appropriate hashtag that you could use here, especially if it’s true that 90% of the content is CD quality across all the currently major services (excluding Spotify and Apple for now).

@hilde45 has a recent post inquiring about the evolution of streamers and whether it’s still a moving target. I don’t think it is. The quantity and quality of the music catalogues are there within the streaming services that our streamers are utilizing. Quality in terms of more than 10% of the content being in high resolution would be the logical next step IMO. Variability in how we interpret those high resolution offerings will be for us to decide - I agree that Tidal boosts the tremble and bass in comparison to other providers.

To tie everything together, Spotify’s - and perhaps even Apple’s future plans - commitment to better quality is a win for us even if it’s just CD quality for now. This is even more true if we believe competition is healthy for consumers.
I'm most curious at to what platforms and what the requirements need to be met from those platforms to accommodate Spotify HIFI,  will those platforms be proprietary, what it will actually offer, where it will be available, when it will be available, what the costs will be, how user friendly it will be, and how bug free and reliable it will be? Until we know all that, it's still mostly vaporware. These things seem to be announced prematurely in order to build anticipation, followed by many delays, and glitches. Wake me up when there is something more concrete to consider.
those interested should watch john darko’s video speaking specifically on spotify lossless... and their underlying strategy and objectives

good, thoughtful, and imo, a quite accurate take on what is driving this move
Great video by JD...I didn’t realize the high Rez only account for 10% catalog on Tidal / Qobuz. Majority of my favorite content is available in high Rez :-)
In looking forward. Hope my lossless Spotify song downloader can also work with Spotify HiFi, helping me to download music from Spotify HiFi for offline listening without limitation. 
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I’m really surprised it has taken soooo long for Spotify to do this. I had their premium service for a few years. Tremendous library,but in my opinion,the sound quality was lacking compared to Tidal and Qobuz. I now have Qobuz.  I possibly could be lured back to Spotify if they could offer hi rez. Until then,I’m going to stick with what I have. 
Surprised as well that this hasn’t been implemented yet. Looking at this with a glass-half-full-approach in that they are refining out the quirks for a solid rollout. Somewhat like the Apple approach - not necessarily the first to release a new feature, but once they do it’s usually well implemented. Doesn’t seem like anyone knows when we’ll be able to experience this tier; my wild guess with absolutely no evidence is October.
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spotify really has minimal incentive to implement lossless streaming... the audiophile market is a microbe on a pimple on the tail of an elephant to the company and its business

@jjss49 ,

I go with the Andy Grove mantra, "only the paranoid survive". The barriers to entry to start a streaming service are severe. The barriers to a customer changing a streaming service are not. ATMOS and others technologies may also force their hand.

Still waiting for Spotify, but saw the following from Reddit. Whether this is true, who knows, but I'll continue to be hopeful...

Important to note that changing the quality of the music at any price point changes their deals with international publishing rights organizations and labels. This is a VERY long and intensive process (it’s what I do for a living at another smaller DSP) and while I was really hoping for HiFi this year, my best guess is that Apple / Tidal / Amazon’s new models really messed with the deals that they had in place in the sense that they no longer made financial sense. Likely that they had to go back and renegotiate all the deals based on whatever subscription fees they opted to change with regard to lossless since it affects their royalty payments.

That being said, I think I have mentioned this before, I have SEEN Spotify HiFi in actual operation. Employees at the company have it enabled in beta and have for a long time. Which lends more to my theory that it’s not a technology / product issue and more of a finance / publishing issue.

Food for thought.

Based on the recent news from Spotify, it seems like a licensing issue.

Based on this alone, my guess is 2 things will be cleared in 1 day:

1. Spotify HiFi

2. Tidal Desktop Connect control through mobile devices

Why? Because Spotify already have Connect control for desktop, while Tidal already has hifi, but not Desktop Connect. It looks like with "Connect", there are some temporary file downloads that happen and I think when CD resolution files are downloaded, it becomes an issue with the content providers. Piracy most likely is the concern, because there are third party tools (I believe) that have capability to convert Tidal/Spotify songs to FLACs, etc.


If Spotify Hifi doesn’t work with Roon  it is of no use for me. I have already discontinued Tidal because I prefer Qobuz over Tidal MQA. So Spotify would have to compete against Qobuz for me and be controlled by Roon. If no Roon integration, I am not interested.