Spotify expected to launch umcomoressed streaming

Spotify is prepping the launch of a lossless audio version of its streaming service, according to The Verge. The new subscription tier is said to be called Spotify Hi-Fi and will offer higher bandwidth lossless audio quality to members.

I believe the price is regular pricing plus $10 per month but I am not sure.  

Does anyone have more info on this new Spotify lossless service?

Sorry.  umcomoressed = uncompressed. 
from what i read it's merely gauging demand/testing at this point--they have no definitive rollout plans and the president expressed some concern about whether potential users would accept the delay/latency attributable to the higher bandwidth. it does seem inevitable that they will have lossless at some point, however, which is gonna make it hard on tidal to survive.
I read that they were offering subscriptions to some select members for lossless, so it must be in the works. Of course, I didn't get an invite.
If they do, I will drop Tidal.
I would only switch if I am saving at least $5 over monthly subscription plus MQA streaming. Tidal already streaming MQA via its desktop app and I am looking forward to mobile app upgrade. I love Tidal HI-FI streaming and they have got all of my favorite albums. 

IMO, Spotify is behind the competition (as far as HI-FI streaming and MQA). 
I would agree with you, latlik, but Spotify has a much larger catalog. 
I must mention, I am not very interested in the newest tracks.
I'm all in with Spotify when this does happen. Much better interface