Spotify and Tidal playback on new Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus

My old but excellent sounding Cambridge AZUR 840C died and has been sent for repair, I used it primarily as a DAC streaming TIDAL, but also played some disks as well. Anyway, in the meantime, my dealer recommended trying out the DacMagic Plus. Wow, for $350 this little guy sounds great, I also added the BT100 adapter ($75) and am Streaming Spotify Premium set to extreme quality and it sounds pretty good, not near as good as TIDAL however!
My question is, can I load just the Tidal app to my IPad? I tried but even though it looked like it downloaded it does not function. I tried a different approach and it wanted me to sign up for the service, but I already have it on my PC feeding the DacMagic Plus. Can anyone help me with this, getting TIDAL on my IPad? Lastly, if anyone is in the market for an inexpensive DAC with BT capability this little guy rocks! It's not for reference systems, but makes for a great Mid-Fi addition!