Spooky speakers, buga buga

So many threads have asked the same question, which is the best monitor for under $1000 or under $500, and thousands of answers may appear.
But there really cannot be one answer that'll work for everyone.
Let's say rather than conjuring up many audiophile terminologies, define the best monitor by asking which monitor sounds damn close to real.
Too subjective. One man's music is another man's headache. That's why listing preferences and systems can help someone narrow down a search with a myriad of options...
You are on the right track but you will still get answers all over the map.
"which monitor sounds damn close to real"

Lots of monitors sound close, few sound the same, but none I've heard sound truly "real" for all types of music.

Toss in a sub and a different story...lots sound pretty darn real.

Magico Mini's were very convincing I must say on a few simpler classical acoustic pieces I got to hear on them.
"But there really cannot be one answer that'll work for everyone. "
There is a clue.

Best of luck

...................oh yeah , if you like good value this might get your attention :
If I did not bought my AADs at great savings these would be in my second rig -
The NHT Xd system (includes sub, amp and room correction - sexy too. I believe there is a sell going on right now. $3000 off the retail price. Total $2999, just add preamp and source.)