Splitting turntable signal

Hi, here's what I am trying to achieve, please let me know if this is feasible at all.

I have a Rotel RP900 and Rega arm turntable, which goes into a Parasound P-100 amplifier. After this amplifier I would like to split the signal so that it goes to two different amplifiers in separate rooms:

(1) can this be done and what kind of splitter would I need? Assuming that I would not need both systems to be on at the same time, should I look into a switch rather than a splitter?

(2) what are the maximum recommended lengths after the amplifier (assuming this split which should be roughly...-3 dB?) that I could run?

Thanks a lot for all the help!
The best way to do it is to go out of the tape outputs on the back of one of the amps into the aux input on the other one. Then you can play whatever is connected to the amp. The cable length should'nt be a problem. You can't really split the phono signal because it is too small.
The output of your phono preamp is at line level, so you can split the signal after the phono preamp as you have asked. A switch will be preferable. If you do not use a switch, the phono preamp will see the impedances of both preamps, this can end up being a complex interaction with the output impedance of the phono preamp not being low enough to drive the impedance presented by the combined input impedances of the two preamps. I think that Radio Shack has a basic switch that should be of help. You will still have the long cables loading down the phono preamp, but you would have had that either way.
Ok thanks guys, what about the option presented here first, run from the phono to the phono pre-amp and then to one of the receivers and then from the tape out of the first receiver run to the second receiver?

Now the issue is that I imagined the turntable sitting in between the two rooms where this would be, so now the question is would it work to run from one receiver to the other one a long(er) cable? Assume the following:

(a) recv 1 ---- 15 ft cable ---- turntable + preamp + splitter/switch ---- 20 ft cable ---- recv 2


(b) turntable + preamp + splitter/switch ---- 15 ft cable ---- recv 1 ---- 35!!!! ft cable ---- recv 2

Wouldn't the long cable create a problem? I would go with this solution if it doesn't since it's cleaner and I don't have to load the preamp.

In the good old days, when everyone used tape machines, some tape outs were buffered, they had their own amplifiers to drive just that output. Unfortunately, this is very rarely the case today, the signal just being passed along passively to the tape out, so you are still at the mercy of both input impedances. But, if you make the cables yourself from bulk wire, it won't cost too much to find out. I still think that the switch, while more inconvenient and costly, may be preferable, but you can certainly give it a try without and it won't cost you very much money.
We use the tape outs to tie systems together lots of times. It works well. In addition all other sources will be sent to the other receiver also.
Oh that's great to hear, will definitely try this tape-out method first and see where it takes me.

So is it safe to assume that on most receivers the tape out will output whatever is currently on the system? That would be amazing (could transfer some MP3 songs playing into the other room/etc.)

Yes, they will output what's playing and if you happen to have a record out selector you can listen to something else in the other room.