SPL (Sound Performance Lab) - Professional Fidelity series?

Does anyone have experience with the SPL (German) Professional Fidelity stuff?

Specs are really good, unique but pretty cool packaging.

Their Director MK2 pre-amp in particular looks really appealing.  Most of the reviews out there are european but very, very good.  I see TeeJay did a review also, though not of that pre-amp.  Just wondering if anyone out there has tried their stuff?
Hey roysq,

The SPL Director is the exact same preamplifier as the Elector plus an internal DAC. Both are top-notch reference level line-stages and the DAC in the Director competes with seperate DACs I have reviewed that cost around 3K to 7K in it's performance. I believe the up cost is around $300 more for the Director. All the SPL gear, I also reviewed their amplifiers, is beautiful in their timbres/colors, offer 3D imaging, totally liquid/grainless in their overall presentation, and have great speed/dynamics. German build quality, yet are very reasonably priced. I put the combo of the Elector preamp and S800 amplifier on my list of the best components for the Stereo Times 2020 list.
Their headphone amps and DACs are quite good.   No experience with the home series
Their stuff certainly looks intriguing.  Their monoblocks use a ton of small capacitors and a rather large transformer.  

After reading Teajay's review I also tried to find more reviews.  As roysq mentioned they are mainly european (but glowing).

The red looks cool as heck, though not sure I would have the guts to get it in red.  I had hoped somebody like Sweetwater offered their home stuff so there would be a chance at a 30 day trial... but doesn't appear they offer it.   I did talk with Mike at Audio Archon though and he raved about their stuff also.  

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I've had a new Elektor playing for about three days and I have to say that it's startlingly good. I had idea what my equipment was capable of. In the immortal words of Dr. Channard, "And to think...I hesitated."