SPL: Reference level performance, German build quality, and innovative designs

My review just went up on the Stereo Times website on a full loom of SPL (Sound Performance Lab) of the Elector line-stage, s800 single chassis amplifier, and M1000 mono-block amplifiers. This 30 year old German company is mainly known for their professional gear made for recording studios. They started designing and building gear for the audiophile market five years ago. The preamplifiers/amplifiers are raved about by European audiophiles and have received superlative reviews in many German based reviewing mags.

The build quality is what you would expect from a German company and they have developed a technology called VOLTAIR 120V which is incorporated in all their electronics. Of course, the most important factor is performance and all these pieces are "killer" regarding the beautiful music they create. Then, add on that for an imported German piece of gear that's reference level, the asking retail prices here in the US is amazing. For all the details take a look at the review. 
Man, this stuff makes me think many reviewers are just basically skilled marketers and copywriters shilling for dealers and distributors. Great to hear about a product that’s new to the US market, as always, but jeez... another “greatest value in audio.” 
I’m sorry if it sounds personal... Not my intention (and I’m sure it would fun to play with new gear all the time)...

That looks like a very compelling piece. I hope you will report back.

I really hope someone picks up a Director MK2 and reports back regarding the DAC.
Hey, How long for the SPL Elector to arrive with your dealer? I ve checked around with various dealers and not one has them in stock, and I was quoted 6 to 8 weeks delivery times!!!! Yikes.....

Interested in SPL also.  Checked around with dealers and gotten vague responses about timeline ranging from April to late summer to unknown. Anybody found a way to get one with a firm confirmation on delivery date?
Jaymark, did you receive yours yet?
Same here, i also look at Elector or possibly Benchmark LA4. 'dI like something which is dynamic,- a bit of swing, which i am afraid none of these will offer :-(