Spkr Cble- Analysis Oval 9- reviews?

Hi. Looking for a speaker cable recommendation. System is Jeff Rowland Concentra Integrated amp; Sim Audio Eclipse CD Player; Totem Mani-2 speakers; Cardas Golden Cross interconnects. What do you think of the Analysis Plus Oval 9 with this setup?? Thanks. Sutts
Guess I'm the only one that thinks they suck. I'm OK with that, and I believe you guys are liking what you hear, too (I never doubt anyone's observations in their own systems). I'm just saying I've compared them to the competition, like 8TC, T-3, T-2, besides several WAY upmarket ones, and the Oval 9's have been my least favorite. Slow, blurred, colored, and only passable in a narrow band in the midrange. Everybody talks about how network terminated designs have a rolled off treble. Well, these cheap MIT's sound like Spectral electronics compared to the Oval 9, and their timbres are smoother, more neutral, mnore detailed, more dynamic, with wider and deeper soundstage. It's not a system interaction, either. I submit that it would have to be a weird system interaction that would cause these Oval 9's to actually work at all. Just my opinion, we all like what we like...
Or maybe, our hearing backs up the computer simulation done to design these cables.
Thanks for the comments everybody. It was starting to sound pretty good up until Carl's review! Hey Fonsy66- interesting that you HAD Cardas. I love the airy richness of the Golden Cross interconnect, and am keeping it, but curious- do you find the Oval 9's have any 'air' and close to as gig an image as the Golden Cross?? Sutts
Sutts, if you like Cardas Cross series you will like Oval 9. Similar sound, relaxed smooth detailed midrange, not quite as detailed on top as some more expensive cables especially silver ones, but this may be blessing for most systems. 3D soundstage is excellent, wide and deep near reference quality, amazing considering the price. In my system did not have deep bass extension but about average. To sum up excellent cable for $299 8ft, and competes with more expensive cables, if you read Soundstage review Nirvana SL was prefered over Oval 9 but it costs @$1200 8ft. Again don't listen to me or Carl or anyone here, Call Cable Co and arrange for home trail to see how it sounds in YOUR OWN SYSTEM.......regards Sam
So Carl, I guess you didn't like these cables. You had said a while back you were doing a comparo of several cables and I guess you have not posted that yet?Anyway,surprised you think they "suck". Have never heard a bad word about them before. People that really liked HT have swithed to these quite a few times.Strange?,But like ya say,"In your System!"