Spkr cables for Wilson WP 7

Looking for opinions on best cables for Watt puppy 7.
Thanks Mike
Wilon's are typically seen paired with Transparent or MIT. I myself run a set of MIT cables to my Watt Pups. Are they the best cables for the speakers/my speakers? I don't know. Probably not. But do they get the job done and keep my ears satisfied? Yep.

My advice? Bring home three or so sets of cables and have fun. Experiment around and see what works best for you. There is no sacrosanct formula when it comes to matching a specific type of speaker / piece of electronics with a specific type of high performance cable.

Dear Krell Man,

I tried the silent source cables and indeed they were excellent, however, I found the Synergistic Apex was still better, and now Kubala Sosna Elation even better still!

I'm glad to hear that.

What amazed me in the review was Mike M. saying that with his Wilson MAXX's, the Silent Source sounded better to him than the ultra-expensive Transparent speaker cables, and cost a whole lot less too.


Personally I find Transparent Cables to be a mixed bag. I do think they tend to give a very wide soundstage, however, I have found that Transparent and MIT or ie network cables, are not as transparent as non networked cables.
I tried Straightwire, Transparent, MIT, Homegrown, Signal, Cardas and Wireworld. My personal preference ended up being the Wireworld Silver Eclipse 6.
I use MIT cables with my wp7's. I had been running older MH850 reference but this year switched to Oracle V2.2. Things are sounding pretty damn good is about all I can tell you! It is hard to go wrong with MIT to these ears.