Spkr cables for ARC VT100MK2

Hello, I need some Help with cables
for my VT100 power amp.What works best with this Amp/
It really depends a lot on the speakers and your budget. What are they?
Because hearing is so subjective, there is no "best" answer, with that in mind I have been using the Transparent Audio Super speaker cables. Have had experience with the Nordost, Cardus, and a few other and have not heard a cable give the stage the way the Transparent audio does, both depth and width. Some will say that they roll of the highs, but I have found they make the highs have a more "real" sound instead of being to bright. This is just my "humble opinion", good luck........
I use Transparent Reference w/my ARC VT100 MKIII and Genesis 500's and think it a great match. However, I have recently changed all my Transparent Ref and Ultra XL interconnects for Ensemble Dynaflux and am seriously considering changing the speaker cables for this dynamite cable also.
I've used Sterling on top and Clear on bottom for nearly 4yrs.driving the Merlin Excalibur 2's. I went from VTmk1 to VTmk2 and now VTmk3 and still cookin.You might consider upgrade to VT3.Very nice........