Spkr Cable for Martin Logan SL3s

Just bought Martin Logan SL3s. Using VTL monoblocks to power them. Any recommendations/experiences on good speaker cable for SL3s? Half expecting to bi-wire. Is is worth it?
Listen mostly to jazz, "acoustic-style" classical...
Definitely biwire. I use Pure Silver Connection R50 cables from Australia with my SL3s and a Cary V12 tube amp. Very revealing cables. I can hear vocalists lips part when they sing. If you are interested in demoing a pair, e-mail me and I will give you the name and e-mail of a dealer in L.A.

I have also heard the Transparent cables are a good match with electrostats, but have not heard so don't have first hand knowledge. Good luck.
Bi-Wire!! I use MillerSound Giant equivalent to build quality of JPS SuperConductor 2 Speaker Wire. Steve
Bi-wire for sure what ever make you choose. I use Transparent "super". According to recent interview they use MIT and Transparent cables for the reference system at the ML factory. Usually these work best when the entire system is done, at least I found that with the Transparent. So it can get a little pricey. Good luck.
Definitely bi-wire. I'm not a fan of networked wire. I have listened to it on ML Requests, but prefer AudioQuest. As to what cable in the Audioquest line I would look at Midnight, Forest, or Clear. Midnight is the real bargain. If you can get Clear at a good price though it is really excellent. I do not care for the early versions of either of these cables, get one of the more recent versions if possible. These cables are from their previous line and are readily available used.
I have SL3s and I switched from Audioquest to Harmonic Techs Pro 9s and found that the change was a big improvement.
I've been using 2 pair of Kimber 8TC between my McCormack DNA 1/B and the SL3s. Given the separate outputs on the McCormack, this allows a more "natural" direct biwiring. The Kimber was initially chosen for my previous speakers and sounded so smooth on the SL3s I never did another round of comparissons. When I got the DNA 1, I just went and got a second run of Kimber. There may be better, but this works plenty fine for me!
I have mine shotgunned with Goertz MI3 cables, I like them but haven't tried anything else recently. A dealer I know recommends Transparent.

Good luck
Thanks to all for their input so far (but do not hesitate to keep it coming). Bi-wiring seems to be the general consensus. Will demo some Wireworld Equinox/BW cable this weekend and report back...

Cberry - Thanks but I'm a bit far from LA...

Slightly off-topic. Does anyone have any experience with Red Rose Music interconnects?
I use 15+ foot long runs. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Currently using biwire Kimber, but I've heard Analysis Plus and I am thinking about switching.
Definitely bi-wire; made a huge difference in my case. I'm using 6' double runs of Cardas Neutral Reference with my SL3's, with great results.
Insert Austin Powers voice-over here > Yeah baby, bi-wire all the way, groovin'!

Also try the over-achiever Analysis Plus cable. Since you have an excellent "musical" amp set up, you could go Silver Oval on the "top" with the Oval 9 on the woofer section. You could even have Analysis "shot-gun" to a single end, if your amp dosesn't provide seperate bi-wire hook-ups.

I've been using this combo on my M.L. Odysseys with fantastic results.
You should bi-wire,just sold Quest-z to purchase Prodigy's,had all transparent cables and changed to Harmonic Tech.Mids fuller,more open at upper end,tighter bass,amp is a ar-vt-100.Hope this is of some help,Bob