Spk cable with deep,lush,spacious sound....

Looking for a less forward cable with a slightly warm top, open and full midrange, and good bottom end...leaning towards AQ granite...any thoughts? Or is this cable a bit too mellow...my system is a bit on the lean side...so I am hoping this would be a good match...I also intend to to add a very nuetral interconnect(Kimble Hero)....cheers...
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I'm using Alpha-Core goertz MI2 which might do what you want.BTW the Kimber Hero is the best budget I/C I've used--Music sounds like real music. John
You could buy some 2nd-hand Acoustic Zen satori on the gon here. It [to my ears] has a nice "fullness" to notes, easy to listen to and forget about....and you can always resell it if it doesn't work for you. There are better wires out there but for the performance it's a keeper in my system...good luck...
You might check out the FLEXYGY from River Cable Technologies. After reading a review on Positive Feedback, I decided to try them, since their cost is reasonable for the 5M length my system requires. I'm very happy with the purchase, as they took care of a slight leanness in my system. They offer a 30 day trial and free shipping. I have no connection to this company......just one audiophile making a recommendation to another.

i agree with bluenose on the az satori. it is very "natural" sounding cable.

another one would be the discovery 1-2-3 or discovery singature ( ever so lightly on the warm side and gets the detail / and better bass than the satori imo. they can be found here or from discovery pretty resonabley

for neutral interconnects,i would suggest xlo signature 2 or the new giant killer - soundstrings

hope that helps,

I would definitely try the Cardas Golden Reference or Golden Cross.

I'll put in a third on the Acoustic Zen Satori's. I use the Satori's in my wife's HT set-up, that sometimes is used for 2 channel music. In my rig, I use Kimber Select 3035's, which may be a little pricier than what you want.
I agree with Jkaway(John) that if you try the Alpha Core Goertz MI-2 copper ribbon there is excellent chance you will get exactly what you are looking for. I formerly used MI-3 which is same sound as MI-2, for its power amp rating, according to the factory rep I spoke with. Although not the "best" cable at its price for detail or three-dimensionality, it is close, being excellent overall, musical, and a bargain when bought used on Audiogon.
Stealth Ultimate Ribbon should work good for your requirement. Nice warm top, full mids with good chewy bottom. The AZs are punchy but less musical than the stealth. Cardas seems to sag. XLO is a bit on the grainy side. Overall, NBS Master probably the best. Punchy, musical, but not as warm as Stealth.
I've tried all the above in different tube systems. These are just my opinion.
In the past, I felt Analysis Plus Oval 9 accomplished most of these things for me, and more recently the Acoustic Zen biwired Hologram II, and Audience AU 24 were standouts.
I agree with S23chang on the Stealth UR. Very smooth cables with a good bottom end. I had them for about a year and only sold them because I bought new speakers.
They work very well with "leaner" systems.
My take on speaker cables based on my experienced alone.

I've been to the Acoustic Zen route (Satori first then Hologram MKII's for several months) as well as Analysis Plus (Oval 9 double run), Purist Audio Design (Museaus, and Colossus for a brief moment), Synergistic Research (Designer series), Nordost (Blue Heaven Rev. 2 bi-wire), MIT (330 and 750 if I remember correctly). The longest time that stayed on my system (2-ch) is the Hologram MKII. I still have the Satori though for HT.

From extensive reading, I was very intrigued of what I've found. Most of the highly respected DIY'ers (Chris Brady of the Teres Audio fame for example) does not use any of the cables that I mentioned above. In fact, a great majority of them uses the ff:

Teflon encapsulated, evenly spaced, pure Silver Wire (at least 99.99%), bare wire termination. For bi-wire requirements, 16 ga. for the woofers and 18 ga. for the top (this ratio is very important).

Tried it and the result for me supports my accumulated experienced in selling the majority of speaker cables that I tried above. Best of all, bi-wire config for 6-8 feet pair only cost approx. $6.95 per foot.

Maybe you will be interested to try it. Again, it works for me but cannot confirm that it will work for you.

Just another option you might find interesting....
Where can I buy this type of wire ?
If You are referring to the Silver wires, I bought mine from



The teflon tubing and techflex from:

Remember, if you use 18 ga. wire, then you should at least have a 16 ga. tubing (two sizes bigger) so as to make it easier to insert the wires.