Spk cable? SignalCable to Nordost Blue Heaven

Is it worth the upgrade? or if I should just put my $$$ elsewhere in my system?

My current signalCables are the biwire shotguns, about 2m which I got for about 80$. Now considering a small upgrade to some better speaker cables ~400$ and wondering if the Nordost Blue Heavens are worth it, or if I should just put my $$$ elsewhere in my system.

Current setup:
Tyler Ref Monitors (will mostly be upgrade with the year)
Plinius 8200 mkII int (probably upgrade to Concentra II within 2 years)
Muse model 9 gen4 sig cdp

Ridge Street MSE gII interconnect
SignalCable speaker cable
Harmonic Tech PROAC11 PC
MapleShade block stands + feet
I auditioned the nordost cables in my system before trying the Signals. The signal Cables were much better and cheaper.
Hold your money.
You might want to consider upgrading to the Signal Silver Resolutions. Before you jump out of the Signal "family" go back and read all the review (Stereo Times for example) and ask your self why am I changing?
Thanks for the heads up Kira!
I emailed Signal to see if they have a "trade up" program!
I have a shotgun of SignalCables after going through and spending a few thousand on other cables. Hold your money and invest in in a better use of upgrade dollars (CD player amp, etc..). The inexpensive and very well made signal cables perform as well as the top dollar ones I was using.

Agreed -The signal cable silver resolution is equal to or better than all Ive tried and Ive tried a bunch(Nordost, Purist,audioquest) -Put your money where it can be heard-such as better equipment- dont waste your time with high-dollar cables
i like my nordost blue heaven speaker cables, but then again i only needed a .6 meter pair so they were only about $275 for the pair at the time i purchased them. i can't say how they stack up against the signal cable, but i would never spend $400 on just a pair of speaker cables (though i am contemplating the $450 pair of paul speltz zero autoformers).
I would try the Signal Cable Silver Resolution series before spending money elsewhere. Although I have not tried their speaker cable yet, the Silver Resolution interconnect is simply amazing. Extreme purity with NO harshness, even before breakin. The Silver Resolution are a REAL bargain and can hold their own against cables costing several hundred dollars more.