Spin Clean seems to add noise to records?

On the strength of good reviews and enthusiastic forum comments, I recently purchased a Spin Clean record cleaning system and cleaned around 20 records with it. I'm a little perplexed.
On the positive side, music sounds great: clearer, more "alive" and more dynamic. On the negative, I'd swear that quiet parts of the record, e.g., the lead in groove and and pauses between songs, sound noisier: more clicks and pops. This doesn't seem to be what a cleaner record should sound like.
Could I be doing something wrong? I've followed the directions pretty carefully. And I could certainly see blackish crud settling to the bottom of the chamber.
The only ambiguous part is how to hold the record when you dry it off with the drying cloths. I tried holding it upright and gently wiping both sides, but that seemed to risk stressing and bending the vinyl disc. I also tried laying it on a table on top of a clean towel or a couple of the drying cloths and then wiping the top surface dry.
Eager for your thoughts and advice.
Hello Rebbi.

I always allow my records to air-dry in a dish-rack after cleaning and rinsing. When I first began washing records in my callow youth I used tap-water on a few, leaving a deposit which only came off with ultra-sound. Are you perhaps using something other than distilled water (not merely purified)?

Good luck!