Spin Clean Record Washer

I am thinking of getting a record washer for my beloved vinyl and am considering the Spin Clean at $60.00. I cannot afford the $500.00 plus that I would be laying out for the VPI. Does anyone have any experience with the Spin Clean and does it do a good job? Any input will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
I also have one and like the way it cleans.I also use a Nitty Gritty Model 1 to dry the fluid from the spin cleaned record.I didn't care for the cloth drying method.
The price of the Spin Clean is now $79.99. I hope they put the extra $ to fix some quality issues. I may still get one. I have a VPI, but there are many time I'd like to clean in silence.
Thanks for all the feedback. I found and purchased one for $60.00, from Soundstage Direct. I hope it is the same product, but I imagine it is. Any ideas for better drying methods, other than using another cleaning machine?
I recently bought a Sin Clean and had an issue with it. I had to wait about a month for it because everyone was out of stock, even the manufacturer. Mark Mawhinney, the owner of Spin Clean emailed and offered extra cleaning fluid to those who would wait. He was changing his plastic injection mold supplier who make the body of the Spin Clean. There was/is an issue with the new Spin Clean models. They have too wide of an opening which causes the rollers to not stay in place and the cleaning pads to not make enough pressure on the record to clean as designed.

I am using a couple of clamps that I install after I put my record in. It has worked OK so far. I still need to check with Mark Mawhinney to find out if he intends to send me a new one whenever his supplier starts making them right. Buyer beware!!
Hi all, I received mine today and the rollers stay in place very nicely. The velvet pads are also very tight against each other. This one must be the newer model.
I have just bought a Nitty Gritty Model 2, and thinking the same way getting spin clean, and use NG only for final stage - put a finishing touch a more or less clean LP and dryieng it.

>I also have one and like the way it cleans.I also use a >Nitty Gritty Model 1 to dry the fluid from the spin >cleaned record.I didn't care for the cloth drying method.
I just emailed Mark and he is sending me out a new Spin Clean. I guess his new supplier has corrected the problems the first batch had. Now that is great customer support.

I withdraw my buyer beware statement!!
I let the record sit on the edge, just behind the cleaning pad to drip dry a little. I use the 2 cloths that come with it and add a microfiber (MF) on top. I lay the record on top and use another MF to wipe the extra fluid and then let it air dry.