Spin Clean Record Washer

First I will detail my record cleaning system before Spin Clean Record Washer to understand my comparison better. I use Audio Intelligent Emzymatic Formula, Premium Formula No. 15 and Pure water in that order. The records are cleaned with a Orbitrac 2 with Disc Doctor pads installed on top of the Orbitrac pads which fit perfectly. I have separate pad sets for each formula. I go 4-5 revolutions each way for each. I also additionally use a Osage Record with the with the Formula 15. Between each solution a Nitty Gritty 1 is used to suck them dry. Very time consuming but I enjoy it. My belief is no matter how much money, there is not a better system. Good luck finding a Orbitrac 2. I have 5 of them with additional pads for my lifetime supply. They are no longer made. I also have a high end turntable system and premium records.

Now for the Spin Clean. It cleans with pressure, lots of it. The pads press against the record on both sides hard enough to make turning the record quite a chore. Some grit will stay in the pads. I have no idea how good the formula is. I used a garage record cleaned by AI and then by Spin Clean. Nothing showed in the Spin Clean well so AI does the job without pressure which is good. I used Spin Clean with a garage record that had finger prints. They stayed there but other gunk showed up in the well. In all fairness I have yet to find a formula that does remove greasy finger prints and I have used them all. The reviewers who say the Spin Clean removes finger prints do not make points with me. Also not stating the system cleans with pressure does the same. Some people have expensive records and should be informed.

For the low end budget minded who only uses garage records the Spin Clean is a solution and a very good one. It is quick, especially when using a Nitty Gritty to dry them. It's not messy and does a good job of cleaning. If that's you, go for it. The cost is on the high side for what you get. A two section sink, microfiber cloth or such protector on bottom of sink scrubbing in, their formula, a Osage Record Brush, microfiber drying cloths is cheaper and nicer to the record. But that takes a lot longer and is messy.
I've been thinking which could be dangerous. How do you put a record completely under water and protect the label? I got part way. I have a spare Sota record clamp for the top side. It would allow turning the record while lightly scrubbing the record with the Osage brush. I got that far but can not figure out what to put on the opposite side. I do not have a mini CD laying around but that might be the same size as the label but I think you would have to think of something else. You then need a spindle and some thing to cover the hole in the mini CD if it fits. Down at the hardware store they have nylon bolts with flat heads and washers. Get one the size of a spindle. You could file the threads a little for the right size. A nylon wing nut would solve that and replace the Sota clamp. Just would need something the size of the label again. Just one idea of many. I never intend to follow through but some one might and could maybe make some money.
Best way to keep the labels dry is use a 'grovemaster label saver', a device especially made for this task. This device coverd both labels at once and has large spin nuts, with large o ring seals. With both labels covered you are ready to 'steam', brush and wipe. Easy to do 20 records in an hour, and results are stellar.
Labels do not get wet using the Spin clean. Its easy to use but I am not sure its the best way as you have pointed out. Still looking into various ways to clean records without spending a small fortune.