Spin clean paired with a KAB EV-1

Hello Agoners

I just wanted to post a few words about the KAB EV-1 Vacuum, particularly when used with a spin clean. I got my ev-1 in the mail last week and have had a chance to clean several records. Before I had the ev-1, I was using the spin clean by itself. Quite a bit of my collection is used from my local record shop. I always purchase albums that are atleast VG+ but, they are often dusty and dirty. Having a way to clean them is a must. The spin clean by itself provides decent results but, it always seemed to leave a slight bit of inner groove noise even when the LP looked clean. I suspected that the cleaning fluid was leaving a residue in the groove because you must air dry the LP after cleaning it. With the KAB ev-1 used along with the spin clean is a good combination that is econamical as well. If you already have a vacuum that you can use The combined price of these two units is still a bit cheaper than a new nitty gritty 1.0 I use a small shop vac with my ev-1. Using this combination does remove almost all of the inner groove noise completely, even with really dirty records. I will list my cleaning procedure below for dirty bargain bin finds.

1.- clean record in spin clean
(this first step cleans the majority of dust and dirt)
2.- Vacuum record using the ev-1 and shopvac.
3.- apply KAB cleaning fluid and clean with the KAB micro fiber wet brush.
(this step cleans the inner groove well)
4.- Vacuum both sides of the record until dry. about 30 seconds per side.
5.- Apply a thin coat of gruv glide.

Using this method makes for some surprisingly quiet bargain bin finds and the majority of them sound brand new. I am really impressed with this setup for the money. I would highly recommend the KAB ev-1 cleaner. Does anyone here use the ev-1?
I also use the Spin-clean/KAB EV-1 combo, but with a different procedure. For new records or ones that are not very dirty, I simply clean the record in the Spin-Clean and follow with the EV-1. I use the Spin-Clean fluid, but at about half their recommended concentration.

For dirty records, I clean each side individually using Audio Intelligent solution and an older Nitty Gritty bristle brush, allowing each side to soak for awhile. I then blot the record with a micro-fiber cloth, followed by the Spin-Clean and EV-1.

I have tried using vacuum machines by simply scrubbing the record with solution and vacuuming, as instructed in the manual, but I have not come close to the results I get with the Spin-Clean. I believe it's because the Spin-Clean washes away most of the crud so it can't contaminate the EV-1's pickup pad, and end up redepositing on the record.
Happy EV-1 user for about five years. I speculate that in order to get the right to use the VPI cleaning process, KAB agreed not to advertise outside of its own web site, or seek reviews for the EV-1, so not too many people know about, even though it's been around for years. All word of mouth.

I want to keep things simple, and limited to one step, so I use the EV-1 with one-step cleaner. It's pretty effective. Note also that someone is now selling a manual cleaner based on the VPI system like the EV-1, but with a built in vacuum, for about $200. I think I saw it in a catalog from a mail order house.
Actually the EV-1 top plate is made by Nitty Gritty, and is the same as what would be on some of the Nitty Gritty vacuum machines. The rest of the unit is a KAB design. The VPI is a little different setup with the vacuum tube on an arm that sucks the fluid from the top of the record.
I also have the EV-1, have had it for about 7 years. I use a two step process: I apply Audio Intelligent Enzyme generously with a cotton/felt roller. I then vacuum it clean. Then, I apply AI's super cleaning fluid. I also vacuum that dry and I'm done. Works fine with me.
You missed a step, which is use of steam as part of the 'spin' process. It makes a big difference.
Minkwelder - D'OH! You are correct, sir. Senioritis strikes again. Nitty Gritty it is.