Spin Clean fluid

Has anyone used the Spin Clean fluid (of course, mixed with the appropriate amount of distilled water) with an RCM with good results? I want to movie up from a Spin Clean to either a VPI 16.5 or an Okki Nokki and don't want my bottle of Spin Clean fluid to go to waste.
3-5 times in each direction.  Then a vigorous back and forth scrub of every section on the record.   Let sit for about 30 sec, then another 1 or 2 times in each direction.  Then vac dry using a Nitty Gritty machine.

I get about 10-12 records cleaned per batch of mixed fluid.  I am consistently amazed at how much effluent is in the basin when I am finished.   Startling to realize that all of the dirt in the water came from your 10-12 records.

Key (to me at least) is a vac dry after cleaning.

My results are excellent, with a significant reduction in background noise. Some records sound like new.  That said, there is always room for improvement, and I am investigating the various DIY ultrasonic cleaners.   I would use the SC for pre US scrubbing, then the US to get of the remaining dirt.  It think US is the next level of cleaning as nearly all users report improvement compared to a VPI or similar machine.
I had a spin clean and it did a job, but it was a pain. As mentioned, drying was an issue for me. I put the semi-wet records in a dish rack but it was on a low table near a carpet and the static that built up acted like a magnet with the carpet fibers. I spent months trying to clean the fibers out as it would wrap around the stylus and I would need to meticulously with tweezers try to unwind them from my stylus after playing records. Even spin cleaning again (not near carpet) could get the fibers out until I got a VPI 16.5. I just played a record that I must not have used my VPI on and I heard a bad sounding record, looked at the stylus and saw the blob of carpet fibers from 4 years ago!

To answer your question, I would attempt to use the Spin Clean fluid with water as a presoak/wash. For my system I use the 3 step AVIS solution.   
Good suggestion.
I've settled on an Okki Nokki and know it comes with it's own cleaner. I also have Audio Intelligent #6 that I will use with the rcm. Again, I think the Spin Clean is ok; I just look forward to the convenience of the Okki Nokki. The results I achieved on my friend's ON seemed to better that of my Spin Clean. I too used to spread stuff (the SC, towels, and drying rack) out on my carpet and sit cross legged on the floor.  My legs went to sleep after two records. And again, it's simply a lot of setup and cleanup when cleaning only one or two records. I never encountered the static problem you did. You might want to make sure your furnace's humidifier is working properly.  Anyway, thanks for the input. 
"rockyboy" I do use the SC fluid with a RCM.  Note that I use the SC to scrub a record, then a Nitty Gritty to pull the solution from the LP.