Spin Clean after Steam Cleaning?

I am new to vinyl and I have read extensively (10+ hours) the wealth of knowledge on cleaning LPs on this site. Thanks everyone, especially you steam clean proponents.

Anyhow, I had a longer post that was rejected by the forum mods (great first post huh?), so I am just going to ask a specific question.

I was thinking of getting a spin clean to use after steam cleaning. I read one forum member who used it in this capacity to remove debris after the cleaning process. But it makes me wonder if there are other methods (microfibers for instance) that could be used instead and without buying another piece of equipment.

Just FYI, I am a noob to vinyl.

Thanks for your input.

Stick with the steam, forget the 'spin' unit. Micro cloths will do an excellent job. Change the cloths often and wash them frequently. I've used a spin unit and it does not add anything to the process of debris removal, it does provide a good mechanical means to apply the steam. Its fluids don't add anything to the process. Steam will loosen the debris, using a forceful water spray will remove the debris from the disc, then dry with a micro cloth. At some point look for a used 'Record Doctor' unit, that will dry the disc quicker. Happy listening.
if you are steam cleaning, part of that regime is scrubbing with a good brush with a cleaning solution, vacuum, rinse, and vacuum. I like to put the solution on the record, steam, then scrub before vacuuming. THis way, the steam assists the cleaning solution and the scrubbing helps remove those stubborn deposits. I have moved on to ultrasonic cleaning as my primary mechanism, but steaming is a great, inexpensive way to clean
Hi Drinky

Here is an older video from an audiogon member who used steam cleaning with vinyl and his record cleaning machine. He says it could be done manually.


I would actually use the spin clean first and then do the steam cleaning after.
oilmanjojo, thanks for the tip about solution+steam. I hadn't thought about that. And it seems to get around the issue on this forum about putting solution directly in the steam reservoir.

And that is a very good video linked. From another thread, I was pointed to the KAB EV-1 for vacuuming, and I think that might be the best match up with steam yet without dropping a bunch of shiny coin on a whole RCM (at this point). With that said, I fully realize I will probably be weak at some point and buy more expensive kit later.

But I am always a proponent of starting manually as much as possible, and I ordered a bunch of micro fibers off of Amazon too. I'd like to try the cloth approach out a bit, as I am not 100% convinced of vacuuming over microfiber (if one is very careful about keeping the cloths clean). I use microfibers all the time to clean the most delicate surfaces I own; and it is a bit counter intuitive to go back to a vacuum and felt lips.

I guess I will learn first hand.


get a $30 shop vac and seal the end of a crevice tool. cut a slit lengthwise along the crevice tool and bam, you have a cheap but effective vacuum system. Glue a felt strip on both sides of the slit and it will perform like a champ. I will send a pic if you need one. i used an old junk tt as the platter for cleaning records. Not pretty but effective.
forgot to mention, never, never put the cleaning solution in the steamer. the surfactant etc will not vaporize and it will possibly damage steamer.