Spilled marinara sauce on wood speaker....

I just spilled a heavy red sauce on my solid wood speakers, i tried the red wine theory but after 3 glasses of pinot noir I can still see it. I was told Red wine gets out stains Any suggestions? HELP, it is drying out! FWIW, they sound even better and btw they are 2 way floorstanders. Should i try a cabernet?...
You may end up with "Formby's refinisher buy now...You probably will never get it out,but you can try ( lightly rubbing in small circles ) Mayonaise...Just start out with a slightly damp cloth with a touch of Mayo ..Don't scrub hard just lightly in circular motions..This can somtimes work on water spots and buy now you have nothing to lose..........Good Luck.......
Sometimes the best thing to use as a solvent is the same thing that made the stain. Try a little of the sauce to wet it again, and then clean it.
All depends on the finish.Oil base,poly,varnish,etc.Pretty hard to generalize...start there,good luck,Bob
Have you tried pasta?
Rwwear, i left out that it was farfalle pasta... i have switched to potato vodka martinis now and the speakers sound better than ever! Also i hardly can see the stain anymore. As I have plenty of sauce left, i will try whole grain penne later this eve. thanks for all the tips so far. Maybe a crunchy garlic bread would help...
I say twist one up- then you'll be too hungry to give a shit!
Why not rub sauce all over the speakers to even it out?
You could rub the sauce all over the speakers and they'd match.
Doesn't Machina Dynamica sell that sauce to use on all your components?
I would purchase an industrial strength pressure washer (Min 900 PSI) fill it with javex and spray the affected area for approximately 45 minutes. You may want to clean the speaker in a well ventilated area as the smell of ammonia can be overpowering
the sauce all over idea is good but i don't have enough left and it is so good i cant bear to waste any more of it on stereo gear. also , to danlib1, i used my herbs in the sauce so i cannot go that route. I'd like to use an organic or holistic approach so ammonia is out. any other suggestions. i am also quite hung over now.
I nearly had this happen to me once. I don't let my speakers eat at the dinner table anymore :-)

Time to sell those speakers..... Just say they were made in Italy...that should be explanation enough.
Well, I use a Tide stick when I get sauce on my shirt - usually happens at least once a week. Ummm, I dunno, maybe that would work?
i have faced them into corners ala bose 901's and the problem is solved. thanks for all the suggestions. the sound sucks but as long as the vodka holds out i can live with it.
Well now don't spill vodka on that stain.....You might end up with vodka marinara sauce.... hey that doesn't sound like a bad idea for dinner. I will ask my wife "cup cake" if she would prepare that for me...
I recommend rubbing some Alfredo sauce on them and that doesn't work drink a martina and enjoy a bowl of Ravioli's.
Sounds-real-audio... what time should i get there. does your wife have another cupcake sister perhaps? I am partial to ho ho's and cheesecakes.
A Little Debbie is better than a Ho Ho!