Spiking speakers not designed for spikes?

Has anyone had good luck doing this?  I have some PSB Stratus Golds from 1994 that I'm having problems upgrading, so I'm going to try tweaking what I have.  They have these cheesy, wooden bases that I'm nervous about removing or drilling into.  If I do decide to spike these suckers, would anyone recommend outriggers?  Or trying to attach spikes directly to the speakers.
Thank you for your time!
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Thx  bdp24. Gaia seems to be topic of the day and has a very good press. Reviews is just advertising / promotion stuff though.

Yup, the GAIA first came to my attention via a quote from VPI’s Harry Weisfeld, who put them under his KEF Blade loudspeakers and loved the results. Others have also reported hearing benefits from their use, so I've been waiting for someone to compare the GAIA to the Townshend products (which have in the U.K. received the attention the GAIA are receiving in the U.S.), but finally gave up.

A set of the Townshend Pods for my loudspeakers are cheaper than the GAIA II (the speakers are too heavy for the III), so I’m giving them a try first. Based on my use of the Seismic Pods under my turntable, I expect to be pleased with the results. I’m sure the GAIA would also provide an improvement, but I’m not buying both just to find out!

I just received Townshend Pods. I put them under a platform that is placed on the floor. More micro details , more saturated sound, the stage is more 3-dimentional, gained some depth, more open.
The platform is under a CD player. Thank you bdp24 .

+1 for the Gaia's. I have them under my Tektons (on a slate floor) & they are a wonderful improvement.