Spiking a Velodyne HGS18 II

Was wondering what the consensus is (if there is one) on adding isolation spikes to a sub. More often than not, I read that it definitely improves the base response. Your thoughts? Is it worth the trouble?

Has anyone attempted adding spikes to this particular sub? If so, would you mind sharing how you went about it? Anything I should avoid or mind?

Put it on a Sistrum SP-1 platform for best results.
I put spikes on a Definitive Technologys subwoofer i used to have. I thought it cleared things up a bit.

Next time i get a good sub, ill be spiking it.
I use Sistrum Platforms under my stereo pair of Paradigm Servo 15's, much more tunefull and better vocals as well... My friend with Klipsch K-Horns has Sistrum Platforms under each of the horns and one under his Velodyne HGS 18. Incredible clarity, dynamic slam and no Glare..Tom
I installed Ed Soler's stainless steel cones under my Velodyne CT-100 and placed it on a slab of marble. This really tightened up the bass and I get better projection thruout the room than with nothing at all underneath. Regards, Robin
Had good luck with ceraballs under my tital II LE. Seems to integrate much better witht them.
Thanks everyone for your input. I'll post what transpires in the coming weeks.