Spikes or platforms

I own the B&W matrix 803s. I want to know what would offer me the best sound upgrade, getting better spikes, getting a platform rig maybe also with spikes (like the Maple Shade platforms) or the Sound Anchor stands? I think the SOund Anchor are over priced for the 80s stand but then agin, I do not own them.

Also with your suggestions, please let me know if you know a place where I can get the info and product.

Thanks and Happy Listening.

SP-004 Sistrum Platform
Sistrum SP004 Platform...go on their website: audiopoints.com ask to speak to Robert. You'll be headed for new territories if you give this a try...
Aurios Pro's, 4 under the spikes of each speaker. You won't believe the bass definition you'll get.
Sistrum, you have nothing to lose. You don't like them you have 30 day's to send them back. You won't be sending them back.
I have a set of the Sistrum SP-1 platforms under my Genesis APM-1 speakers and the improvement in detail and tighter bass is incredible. The soundstage is like a wide wall of sound. They were very informative to speak to during my telephone conversation. A must try !
I have never heard of this product; so, can you inform me how much these "platforms" retail for?? Also, would it make sense to use these on new speakers just out of the box, or wait to judge the speakers first?? It seems from what I have read that Audiopoints, Black Diamond, Symposium and a host of other companies offer these speaker accessories which easily supercede the standard spikes or claws that come with speakers, with the exception of the super-hi-end cans. Sorry,for imposing my own questions on this post-up
You have nothing to lose by waiting. In fact, that may be a smart thing to do. Then you'll be able to really understand and hear what the Sistrum products (or whatever you chose) can do for your system. Contact Robert at Audiopoints.com--He's the man. Give him the scoop about your system and he'll set you free. All the prices are on their website, plus all the white paper you'll need to help you understand what they are all about. Happy listening--
Warren, Thank you for the information!! and let's all hope for a peaceful world so we can continue to enjoy our wonderful hobby and advocation