Spikes or Feet

I'm setting up my system in my new house and need to decide weather I want to use spikes or flat feet on the bottom of my equipment rack. The rack will hold the amp, preamp, CD, tuner and cassette deck. Pretty heavy stuff. The TT will go on it's own shelf. The floor will be wood (actually laminate wood), but not worried about damaging finish since the spikes do have protective feet.
Which do you think would sound best and provide the best isolation?
If it's as heavy as you say it's going to be, I'd use whatever suits your needs. Should you need to move it around once in awhile, feet should be fine. If you're sure about placement and thoughts of isolation of the rack will keep you up at night, go with the spikes. :-)

I don't use a TT so my take is probably off, at best.

All the best,
spikes on every comonponent and the rack. Starsound Technology sells specially made discs for the points to protect the floors and the shelves in your audio rack. Your system will make a dramatic turn for the best. BTW I mean everthing that the means the speakers, as well. Coupling them to the floor will tighten up the bass at a minimum. Gret your thank you cards ready and I'll send you my address so you'll know where to send it after you spike your audio...lol...HNY :)
Yes and No.

Yes, I would go with spikes on the speakers. For your electronics, I would use cones. If you can find them used, my favourite is Polycrystal. If not, DH are excellent, as well.

No, I wouldn't give Warrenh my address (Or any other personal information, for that matter). Lets just say he doesn't like to pay for stuff.
sorry, I meant cones under the componenets. Same idea: Coupling. Use quality cones and speaker spikes/cones. I do not use Zu's spikes. The cones/spikes, alone on my Defs cost me $400, but we're well worth it. They are going on my new Defs, unless the threads were changed. I mention Starsound Technology, only because I've been using their coupling stands and Audiopoints for years. Pricey, but but they deliver the goods. Talk to Robert. He'll give you an education about this whole thing. I'm not a dealer, just a plain ole fan..
I use spikes on everthing.
But, I am using Herbies gliders made for spikes. Even with my Speakers weighing 215 pounds each I am still able to move them with the spikes on and on carpet.
Ozzy, I'd spike those babies, with serious speaker cones, to go right through the rug into your floor. You will hear the difference. If those points don't touch the floor, you're not coupled. What's the point then?
Herbie's Gliders under brass spikes for speakers and equipment racks have made a signigifant improvements in both my HT system and my main audio rig and best any other combination I've tried. Herbie's products have a 90 day return policy so they're a no-brainer to try.
My only connection with Herbies is as a satisfied customer.
well if you want to glide rather than couple, so be it. :(
Warrenh, I would agree with you, but to be honest, my speakers sound better with the Herbies.
They are more than just gliders.