spikes for speakers or something else?

hi everyone,
i have pretty heavy speakers (110lbs each)and they sit on a fairly plush carpet. when i put spikes on the speakers they sink into the carpet and do not do very much. i then had a couple of extra pieces of marble left over from my kitchen renovation and stuck 2 pieces under the speakers without the spikes and it seemed to help a little. is this a good idea or are there any better suggestions or does it even really matter?
thanks in advance,
Have you tryed putting the spikes back on with the marble underneath,i use spikes with paving stones on top of the carpet,this works best for me .Ray
You might try Herbie's Audio Lab Big Fat Black Dots between your speakers and the marble. They have a 90 day satisfaction guaranty. These are truly great between my speakers and hardwood flooring. The cost is about $50 for a set of six.
I would get a big heavy piece of marble or wood that covers the whole speaker base and spike it to that. That is usally the best solution. Spikes in carpet will do very little. Islotion solutions are not bad eithor but you have to find the one that works.
How about larger spikes? With few exceptions, I find that spikes offer the best coupling. One of the most important issues in speaker placement is removing the ability of the cabinet from moving around in reaction to its own energy generated from the drivers. Take a look at this previous thread that might glean some information. My system has 176 lb.(each) speakers on a rather narrow footprints. Small spikes were good, large spikes are sounding better. Happy Listening!

If you're lucky the spikes will drain resonant energy from those monster cabs. Get longer ones that'll pierce the carpet and pad thru to the sub floor.