Spikes and hardwood floors.....what to do?

Many speakers have spikes that are thinking "carpet with plywood below it"...fine, but what about those of us with hardwood floors? What have you found to be good solutions? This is for the Acoustic Zen Adagios.
what about machined discs? sound anchors, lovan, and adona all sell them. adona has the best prices from what i recall. if you wanna go realy cheap just use pennies under the spikes.
Lovan Footers


Audio Points (http://www.audioadvisor.com/prodinfo.asp?number=STAPCD2)
Adona Corp's discs worked for me. I got the bigger one's, still really cheap. A penny might leave an imprint in the floor, especially if you have alot of polyurethane coating.
Slip and stick feet from HD or most any home center these help damp vibrations but also stick to floor without damage once you break this friction seal you can easly slide loudspeakers over floor again without damaging.Once they sit a few mins they stick again wonderful feet I use these on my loudspeakers.Much better than cones or spikes.Work on carpet but if speakers tippy than you might still want spikes on carpets.
You could also determine the optimal location for the speakers with the spikes removed, and then replace the spikes and carefully set them in place. As long as you never move (or bump) them, the worst you would have is some small pin holes that probably wouldn't be noticeable.
I have not heard verification of this but common sense tells me that a solid piece of hardwood, combined with the weight of your speakers should couple to the hardwood about as well as the hardwood flooring couples to the subfloor. If true then it would sure make positioning speakers a lot easier! Say a Boos butcher block cut in half and the handle indentions trimmed off and edges routed. Or there are guys on the Gon who would make to spec and match your speakers I bet. Hope that helps.
Pennies and other small change have always wound up being pierced by the spikes when I've used them.

A brass or stainless steel disc made for the purpose is a better bet and there are lots around. For vibration decoupling and an improved upper midrange, try a Herbie's dot under the disc.

(Steve Herbelin actually sells metal discs with damping pads attached, he calls them Herbie's Grounding Bases, but they cost more than some other devices.)

When I had spikes under my speakers, I found the IsoClean larger pucks for hard wood floors sounded best. Previously I used nickels. I once had such heavy speakers that I needed to put two nickels under each spike.
Have a look at the Superspikes on this page. It's an interesting product that may or may not be suitable for your purposes.

I used the superspikes on an older pair of Energy C-4 speakers with great results. Fine product, easy to use, not bad looking either.
There is a guy on *bay site that I have dealt with. Just do search in home audio/speakers/spikes. He sells just the little discs for the spikes to set in. Different finishes/plating as wel. I like the black chrome.