I lost the spikes to my Dali Euphonia MS 4s. I have never had them installed. Are they necesarry? Thanks
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Yes . Adding spikes can dramatically clean up the midrange and smooth out the bass response. On some systems , spiking can increase transparency and soundstaging properties. The speaker will no longer be coupled to the floor .
Not really, however, you might find that the sound improves. You should be able to go to any high-end shop and buy some. If there are none near you, just hit up an online place.
Awww comon Slappy , I read your answer and now not happy.
They actually will, if designed properly, be coupled to the larger mass below..the floor.. Tom
Coupling vs de coupling... hummmm . On 9-14-03 Theaudiotweak was involved in a great discusion called " Best isolation device for speakers " whereby the differences of isolation and coupling - de coupling are extensively covered. His advocation of the combined usage of the Sistrum and audiopoints makes good sense. Warrenh , a highly respected AG member agrees . Barry Kohan of Bright Star once again takes time and effort to help everyone understand the scientific principles of vibration and its effects on out systems. We need more Barrys on this site as i constantly run into him as i stay up all hours of the nite surfing archives for information . I will myself look into this a bit more as there seems to be some disagreement and much to understand.

I never said they were not useful, just not really necesary. They definatly make an audible difference and really help, but the speaker will actually continue to function without them. ;)
The cabinet motion of an uncoupled speaker to the surface beneath will be as great as the excursion of the tweeter. Negating some benefits of time alignment and possibly creating cancellation..Tom
Forgive my ignorance, but what is coupling?
Yea , I know Slappy , I have just been waiting to say that. Couldnt help myself. I know you know whats going on .
coupling = mechanical grouning.

you havent heard your speakers yet till you install the spikes / bubble balance to center. the difference is dramatic.