Spike or decouple ?

As you know,many speakers come w/ spikes (as does my VR4SE)
However,just read a piece by Greg Weaver(stereo times?)saying decoupling-in this case Vibripods on a board- under
this particular spkr gave them improved performance- esp.
the bass area. Hard to beleive many manufactures would continue to reccomend spikes if this were not the best way to go - but who knows ? Pls tell us your experience.
I found that the Kharma speakers I now have, although they have a very sophisticated set of spikes on a platform made by the company to be attached to each speaker, were bested by placing the Aurios Pro's under each speaker. I am a big fan of the Aurios, and have a set under most of my components. I have consistently found them to be better than spikes of all kinds, including triple points, racing cones, etc.
For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction... Conventional wisdom would hold spikes are usually the correct answer because they resist the speaker cabinet effort to move in reaction to the driver action. Most lose of detail in highs or lack of tightness in the mid to bass regions is due to speaker movement. I have tried a lot of things and spikes have worked best in my situations. I have read a recent article though (can’t find it to ref. It here) in Hifi+ that showed some promising results with non-spike methods for particular speaker designs but I would find that the exception rather than the rule. Try it out. Happy listening!
Theoretically I think spikes are the best for speakers,
rigid coupling so the drivers can operate securely...
decouple everything else.

I like my floorstanding Dynaudios with spikes through carpet to concrete floor. When I uncouple them, something is lost. It seems that I lose definition in the bass frequencies. But, its always trial and error for speaker placement.
Thanks all for your response. I guess like so many things
in this hobby it's trial and error.Thanks again and good
My Soliloquy monitors are on #2 Vibrapods after trying many things (commercial tweaks and other) underneath them. With the Vibrapods I don't sense any blurring, the tones are richer sounding, and the deeper bass seems to get a nice small boost that is just wonderful.
Note that I did try Audiopoints .2 brass cones, but they appeared to increase transient impacts such that I would get a minor headache after 20 minutes of listening.

decouple in which plane?

IME, decoupling in the horizontal afforded noticable benefits vs spikes. haven't tried decoupling in the vertical as of yet.

horizontal decouplers: finite element footers, rollerblocks, et al....which all couple vertically
vertical decouplers: bright star audio, vibrapods, squishy balls etc.