Spike Heatley - CD's

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I am very new to Jazz music and I have been searching the stores for some nice albums with a good mix of songs that do not feature one single instrument.

On a recent trip to the UK I happened across a musician called Spike Heatley

Spike is a well known Double Bass player, not only in the world of Jazz, but within the music scene in general.

His CD's include:
1. The Opposite side of the Coin
2. Zurich Express
3. One for Clifford... and Another One for Tubby

All three CD's are superbly engineered and each CD contains a really nice mix of tracks and featured soloists.

Spike's cd's features him playing in either a 4 or 5 piece band, many of whom are among Spike's closest friends.

If you like a good mix of tempo and featured instruments, as I do, you should give all 3 albums a listen

They can be sampled here:
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